How to Wash Vintage Clothing

Many vintage clothes don’t include fabric care tags; you will wonder how to wash them. A secure solution is to hand-wash them, but you must take to a dry cleaners taffeta, silk, velvet and crepe, even wool. The most important is to find what fabric your clothes are made from. If you can determine the fabric, ask your dry cleaner to help you. Dry cleaning machines are similar to traditional washing machines; the difference is the dry cleaning fluid used as solvent, replacing water and traditional detergent. The washing process is not dry at all! If you decide to use your washing machine, choose the gentle cycle, because it has slower agitations is a cycle.

Hand wash has many advantages when you need to wash retro clothing; you can work on the piece of clothing as slowly as you consider, and you can observe the fabric closely. Hand wash minimize in a spectacular way the damage risks, and preserve the retro clothes beauty. If your items are not really delicate, you can encase them in a pillow case to buffer the washing machine movements.

Here are some things you really need to wash your retro clothing: a padded hanger, a few white towels, power soap or mild detergent, stain remover and rubber gloves. Before hand washing your retro clothes, zip up all zippers. If you have any doubts, wet a small non important corner of fabric with detergent and water. If there are stains on your retro clothes, pre-treat them with a stain remover. Before washing your vintage clothes, check the sink to be very clean. Wash your cotton vintage using cold water; for synthetic fabric use warm water. It is wise to use a mild detergent or powdered soap; you most only agitate the retro clothes for only a few minute, then drain the water and rise the soap from the clothes. Rise as many times as necessary until no detergent remains in the pieces of retro clothing. Gently hang the clothes on padded hanger, lay it flat to dray or lay it over a towel.

If you have some recently worn retro pieces of clothing, hang them inside-out before you wash them. This is a good method to allow perspiration to dry. If underarm stains from deodorant persist, use lemon juice or white vinegar and a white towel.

If you decide to take your retro clothing to a dry cleaner, check if the operator has experience with vintage fabrics. Be also careful because vintage fabrics can easily be damaged during the washing process. Never store your vintage clothes in plastic bags to avoid mildew.

If you have some vintage dresser scarves, be careful before wash them. Run a dampened ear swab over the scarves and, if the swab is clear, you can wash them gently with mild detergent. If the results are not really good, use a mild dose of some safe non bleach detergent. Blueing is a good method for white pieces of retro clothes, but might affect the shades on color pieces of retro clothes. Very old pieces of clothing should not be worn, for respect of their age. These treasures must be washed for necessary spot cleaning.

You can retain the value of your vintage clothes using dry cleaning, recommended for velvet and rayons. A valuable tip to obtain spectacular results cleaning your vintage clothes is to rinse the clothes as many times as possible. Never use the dryer! After the cleaning process, don’t store your clothes in heat; that kills your clothes as well as critters. Never use an ionizer with your clothes with elastic or synthetic in. those material will disintegrate instantly!

There are some useful tips to clean your retro clothes at home. You can remove the makeup by rubbing the fabric with a slice of bread. Hairspray can be successfully used to remove ink; toothpaste can remove blood. Everybody has problems when chewing gum must be removed; use ice to successfully remove it.

If you have valuable retro clothes, be very careful when you decide to wash them; a careful choice at this moment can mean a huge difference to the quality of your vintage clothes.

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