What is Vintage Clothing? - If you are bored with your wardrobe, then maybe you need to enhance its value a little with some vintage clothing. From a glamorous cocktail dress to an old pair of Nike’s, mixing up vintage pieces with newer ones is a great recipe for getting a fresh new look. Styles may come and go, but you can make a powerful fashion statement by going off the mainstream and shopping for vintage clothing. But what exactly is “vintage”? what is vintage clothing

How to Find Vintage Clothes - Once you understand that vintage fashion is “in” today, the possibilities for style changes become virtually endless. Vintage clothing has always been a very popular phenomenon, but with a bit of a modern twist, you will end up with impressive combinations for your day to day wear. However, the ultimate challenge in retro wear is knowing how to wear it, where to find it, and which era is trendy. how to find vintage clothes

How to Wash Vintage Clothing - Many vintage clothes don’t include fabric care tags; you will wonder how to wash them. A secure solution is to hand-wash them, but you must take to a dry cleaners taffeta, silk, velvet and crepe, even wool. The most important is to find what fabric your clothes are made from. If you can determine the fabric, ask your dry cleaner to help you. Dry cleaning machines are similar to traditional washing machines; the difference is the dry cleaning fluid used as solvent, replacing water and traditional detergent. The washing process is not dry at all! If you decide to use your washing machine, choose the gentle cycle, because it has slower agitations is a cycle. how to wash vintage clothing

How to Choose a Vintage Wedding Dress - Every woman wants to look most beautiful and unique on her wedding day. More and more often nowadays, brides consider vintage wedding dresses for the most special day of their lives. Since right now the fashion industry is in love with everything vintage, wearing a retro wedding dress will help you show your sense of style off to everybody. how to choose a vintage wedding dress

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